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CIBF2016 Exhibition Notice
Time:2016-5-10 11:12:09      Views:2235

CIBF(China International Battery Fair) is the largest battery related exhibition in the world. CALB will attend CIBF 2016 from May 24 to May 26 in ShenZhen, China. We are going to introduce you the newest LiFePO4 and NCM batteries and different battery packs & solutions as followed:

1. Cells: L135F72(LFP), L148F20(LFP), P161N22(NMC)
2. Standard Battery Pack: L135 Module, L148 Module
3. Customized Battery Pack: D44 Battery Pack for HIGER Electric Bus, Battery Pack for Electric Vehicles, NMC Battery Pack for Dongfeng Electric Bus.
4. Energy Storage Systems: 20ft Container Mobile ESS, 3.5kWh ESS.

Looking forward to meeting you at CIBF 2016.

[Name of the exhibition] CIBF 2016
[Time of the exhibition] May 24 to May 26
[Place of the exhibition] Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center
[Number of the booth] 1AT65




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