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CALB Annocunces Foundation of European Branch in Stuttgart
Time:2015-10-13 11:11:55      Views:1935

Stuttgart, 12th, October 2015

China Aviation Lithium Batteries Co., Ltd. (C A L B), a leading company devoted to Li-ion batteries announces today at the WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS the foundation of its European Branch in the region of Stuttgart.

The foundation of CALB European Branch with a service and development team, cell conditioning and warehouse in the area of Stuttgart region is an important landmark in the South-West area of Germany. As the first asian / international lithium ion battery manufacturer CALB does establish its European headquarters in Baden Württemberg.

“As of January 2016 we will supply lithium ion battery cells, quick, flexible and as per our customers needs out of a warehouse in the region of Stuttgart” says Sebastian Wider, General Manager of the European Branch.

The turn around of the warehouse shall reach up to 10.000 cells per months when fully operational. In parallel a service team will be established to optimize the cell logistics as well as taking actions required to set up a cell return system followed by cell recycling. CALB-Europe as well will develop battery modules for ease and quick installations to battery systems together with european partners.

With more than 2.000 employees, 140 Mio US$ registered capital and more than 600 Mio US$ investments in modern research- and production facilities, CALB is leading the industry in implementing a strategy for developing renewable electrical energy storage solutions. From the international headquarter in Luoyang (Province Henan / China), CALB  today supplies lithium ion battery cells and systems to leading companies in the world with Europe, next to USA, Japan and Korea being the most rapid growing market for the company.

Contacts for CALB Headquarters:
Andy Zhou;; 0086 21 68785701
Contacts for CALB-Europe:
Sebastian Wider;; 0049 711 993

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