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EV Corolla have the range of 417 km, CADMA launches the drivetrain system
Time:2015-9-9 14:50:27      Views:2795

EV Corolla have the range of 417 km, CADMA launches the drivetrain system

CADMA Drivetrain Technology Introduction & Test Drive Activity was successfully held in Shanghai

  CADMA Drivetrain Tec. Co., Ltd drivetrain integration technology analysis conference and test drive activity was successfully held in Shanghai on 8th, Sep. 2015. In the conference, the advanced drivetrain integration technology explanation and 2014 EV Corolla with excellence performance and 400 kilometers of one-time charge became the focus of many vehicle manufactures and industry media.
  CADMA Drivetrain Tec. Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CADMA") is a high-tech company concentrating on the new energy vehicle drivetrain integration system and storage system‘s research & development, sales and service. This company was established by CALB (China Aviation Lithium Battery Co., Ltd) and its strategic partner DMA Global.Inc. Relying on the leading battery technology and profound marketing accumulation of CALB, combined with the leading international EV system integration and design ability of DMA, CADMA devotes to provide global customers with customized EV drivetrain integration system products and services. 2014 Corolla EV presented to test drive in the activity is the classical cars developed by CADMA.

  In this activity, we invited dozens of guests from Higer Bus Company Limited., Skywell, Luxgen, Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhongke Shenjiang Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, as well as China Automotive News, D1EV, Professional LB and other media to the activity.
  In the conference, the general manager of CALB and the Chairman of CADMA Mr. Wang Chongling addressed a speech, which made a summary to the new energy vehicle development situation, and also expressed confidence in the contribution of CADMA for the development of new energy industry in future. The general manager of CADMA Ms. SherryWei comprehensively introduced the company's products, service and development plan. Subsequently, Mr. Wang announced the establishment of CADMA Drivetrain Tec. Co., Ltd. and hold a brief opening ceremony.

  In this activity, we also invited well-known free-lancer of automobile industry Mr. Songnan to test driving and evaluation in advance, and he made a driving experience sharing in the conference. After that, the technical director of CADMA, DMA chief technology officer Mr. Alper made a detailed analysis on the company's drivetrain integration technology, and answered every question asked by the guests.

  As known that CADMA Drivetrain Tec. Co., Ltd. has a flexible system hardware and software technology, design capabilities of a full set of battery module, including inverter and motor integration and other full drivetrain system technology. We has successfully developed Toyota Corolla, Toyota Avensis, Mercedes Benz Sprinter 516, sports car ONUK E56 and other variety of models, which the classic case is the 2014 EV Toyota Corolla equipped with 232 pcs of CALB’s CAM72 battery. The battery capacity is 53kwh, and one-time charging mileage reaches 417km. (TUV certification). The company can also provide customized solutions according to different needs of customers, such as the specific needs of the mileage, mileage efficiency, driving performance and charging duration, etc.
    Later, CADMA Company invited guests and the media representative to test drive personally, and experienced this long mileage EV, also compared with Tesla Model S85. Massive power output, superior acceleration performance, accurate control, convenient man-machine interface, advanced energy recovery system, in addition high safety performance and cost advantages, this EV was unanimously affirmed by the drive guests. In this activity, a number of guests from car manufactory expressed great interest to the company's drivetrain system technology and products, and also expressed the positive intention to cooperate with our company.

   The establishment of CADMA Drivetrain Tec. Co., Ltd. will provide a boost to the new energy development strategy for many domestic and foreign vehicle manufacturers; the company's drivetrain technology and products will also provide new impetus and support to the development of new energy automotive industry.

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