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CALB Laboratory Obtained CNAS Certification
Time:2015-6-15 13:00:55      Views:1524

On 11 June, 2015, the laboratory of our company “testing center of CALB” successfully got the acceptance & review of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), and obtained CNAS qualification certificate with the number of CNAS L7745.

CNAS organization approved that the technical and management ability of our laboratory is in line with international standards ISO/IEC 17025 "the general requirements for calibration and testing of laboratory competence", which marks the laboratory of company entered into the ranks of the national laboratory, and the technical and management ability has reached the domestic advanced level, therefor the company's social awareness and reputation will be further improved.

The accreditation work of company‘s laboratory was began to prepared since January 2014, established and run the management system, and submitted the application data in September 2014. Accepted by CNAS, after a strict review process including data preliminary assessment, document review and on-site review, finally the laboratory of our company one-time achieved the accreditation work successfully without the assist of consulting firm.

Obtained CNAS certification, which reflects that the laboratory has technical ability to independently carry out testing services, and the test results will be accepted by a mutual recognition agreement countries and regions, will further enhance the market competitiveness of products, and also predicts that the competitiveness of company to declare the national enterprises technology center is significantly enhanced.

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