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CPPCC Vice Chairman Visited CALB
Time:2015-4-24 14:43:00      Views:1581

On the morning of April 24, with the care and support for new energy industry development, vice chairman of the CPPCC and executive vice chairman of the central committee of China National Democratic Construction Association, Mr. Ma Peihua and his entourages were present CALB for visiting and instruction, as well as made an investigation & research for the development situation of power battery industry. The CPPCC vice chairman of Henan province Mr. Gong Liqun, deputy secretary of provincial United Front Work Department & party secretary of provincial Overseas Chinese Federation Mr. Zhao An, chairman of the CPPCC of Luoyang city Mr. Zhao Yingan as well as other related leaders of provinces & cities were accompanying together. All of them were warmly received by the CALB general manager Mr. Wang Chongling and vice general manager Ms. Zhang Jinmei.
At 9:40 a.m., Mr. Ma and the entourages arrived at Luoyang, immediately to CALB for visiting and instruction. Mr. Ma and the entourages first came to the first lean factory, in front of the panel's pictures and the display products in exhibition shelves, Chairman Ma watched while listening. When heard that there was a larger business growth in the first quarter of this year said by Mr. Wang Chongling, Chairman Ma expressed the full affirmation for the achievements of CALB. At the central control room of the first lean factory, Chairman Ma watched corporate videos and battery production process demonstration, carefully understand the company development process, asked for details of the battery production procedure, and gave a good appraisal to the achievements of company within a few years. Next Mr. Ma visited the third lean factory, especially the fully automated production line of metal shell battery, from the material system of products, production process to the technical parameters, market application, he seriously inquired related situations; and the general manager Mr. Wang Chongling made a detail report for those. At the end of the visit, Mr. Ma said cheerfully that CALB has achieved very good results, and the company should take advantage of the favorable opportunity of our country to developing new energy industry, give full play to the brand advantage to enhance core competitiveness, make greater contribution for the national energy conservation and emissions reduction.  

Remark: CPPCC- the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.



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