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CALB & DMA EV Drivetrain Technology Introduction Conference Was Held Successfully
Time:2015-4-17 14:58:47      Views:4198

 On 15th, April 2015, the CALB and DMA EV drivetrain technology introduction Conference was held successfully at Luoyang. The 2014 version EV of Corolla with remarkable performance and range of 400km for one time charging became the focus of the industry media and many vehicle manufacturers.

This introduction aims to make prophase marketing promotion for the joint venture established by CALB and US DMA. CALB has leading battery technology and more accumulation of market, on the other hand, DMA has the international leading integration and design technology and capability for EV. Based on the background of mature market of new energy vehicles industry in global, CALB and DMA through the powerful combination are committed to provide customized EV drivetrain systems and related services to global customers. The 2014 version EV of Corolla presented in this introduction is the classical models of cooperative development.

For this introduction, we invited FAW technology center, FAW Toyota, Zhongtong Light Passenger Car Co., Ltd., Suzhou HIGER, Nanjing NAVECO, Chongqing SOKON, Chongqing Rainchst Auto, QOROS, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute and other enterprises, in addition to People’s Daily Online, GGII, D1EV Online, Dahe Online and so on.
In the introduction, the general manager Mr. Wangchongling from CALB and Mr. Onder from DMA USA addressed a welcoming speech, and expressed their confidence for cooperation between two sides and high expectation for the global new energy industry development. Subsequently, CALB international general manager Mrs. Wei Zherui made the introduction of the planned joint venture company’s products, services, technology R&D ability and the application cases, and so on.

AVIC attached great importance to the cooperation projects. AVIC vice minister of non-aviation Ministry Mr. Ma Xuewen, and the minister of Equipment Ministry Mr. An Jinyao attended this introduction. Mr. Ma on behalf of the China Aviation Industry Group addressed the speech, pointed out that the introduction of advanced EV drivetrain technology is an important measure for Group to promote the development of new energy EV industry, is also an important way to achieve the leap development of lithium battery industry, as well as hoped that CALB and DMA will accelerate the project engineering and industrialization, to achieve mutual benefit through cooperation.
The planned EV joint venture has flexible system hardware and software technology, a full range of battery module design skills, and including a full set of drivetrain system technology, such as inverter and motor integration and so on. Has successfully developed the Toyota corolla, Toyota Avensis, Mercedes-Benzes Sprinter 516 and other EV models. The classic case is the 2014 version EV of Corolla carrying 232 pcs of CAM72 battery with energy capacity of 53kwh, range of 417km for one time charging (TUV certification). The joint venture can also according to customer's different demands to provide customized solutions, such as the specific needs of the range, range efficiency, driving performance and charging time, etc.
Then the company invited guests and media drive experience personally the presented EV Corolla having a large range. Except for the EV mutual advantages such as quiet and comfortable, this EV Corolla has a superior performance of accelerating with easier overtaking, and will give drivers full confidence and pleasure. Dynamic performance is quite good, equivalent to about 1.8 liters of displacement cars, more than sufficient for daily use in city. Guests have said: the drive experience is very good, and all the performance is satisfactory.

The joint venture established by CALB and DMA will provide promotion power for new energy development of the domestic and foreign vehicle manufactures. The powerful combination will also provide new energy and strong support for development of new energy vehicles industry.  


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