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Development History
Development History
2007 AVIC invested 70 million RMB to establish China Aviation Lithium Battery Co., Ltd
2008 On April 13, the company held a inauguration ceremony of production; as well as realize the sales of the products, the company got preliminary development in this year.
2009 AVIC due to the decision of developing the lithium ion power battery industry, organized 7 sub-companies to invest about 3.6 billion for three periods; after the completion, the annual production capacity is 1.26 billion Ah.
2010 On July 10, General Secretary of China Mr. Hu Jintao visited the company for research, put forward the requirements of occupying technical commanding heights, and accelerating the development of large scale.
2011 On June 28, an automatic production line with capacity of 120 million Ah built in CALB industrial park was put into production.
2012 On April 16, chairman Mr. Wu Bangguo visited the company for inspection & guidance, and pointed out that the "New energy industry is a direction of the development of the country, CALB is engaged in a promising industry."
2013 In December, the company won the "2013 Annual Power Battery Top Ten Brand" Golden Globe Award, and ranked in the top three in battery manufactures of China. Amount of exports is the top in China.
2014 In 2014, the company completed five scientific and technological achievements appraisal, of which three items identified as the international advanced level; The new 72 accepted patents, 58 authorized patents. The metal shell battery production line and soft package battery production line was built and put into use, the products realized the transformation upgrading and technological leapfrogging


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