Expo 2010 Shanghai China
CALB provided power system and guarantee service for 24 festooned vehicles through bidding and 25 electric police cars.
World Economic Forum 2010
September 13-15, 2010, World Economic Forum was held in Tian Jin, China, CALB provided power system and guarantee service for 26 EV buses, fully demonstrate the concerpt of green energy and environmental protection.
Tokyo EV Exhibition
Toyota used CALB battery
Japan EV Competition
The winner of 2010 Japan EV competition used CALB battery
Germany Street Racer of EV
FTJ, the winner, used CALB battery

Key Client:Dongfeng Xiangfan Travel Car Co. Ltd
Fortune Global 500:No.145
Cooperation Period:2009 till Now
Operating Area:
10 in Xiangfan for demonstration running
20 in Tangshan for demonstration running
Mileage Run:
Experimental Mileage has reach 55,000 km

Fortune Global 500:No.448
Cooperation Period:2009 till Now
Number of Vehicles:4
Battery Model:180 Ah
Way of Connection:3P×120S
Operating Area:
In Chengdu, Changchun for demonstration running

Joint Project:State Grid Inverter Station——
Hangzhou Hepstd Project Pure EV Swap
Cooperative Time:2010- Now
Cooperative Amount:Over 10900 State Grid Standard Boxes
Battery Module:CA60 FI /CA66FI
Burst Mode:1P×100/95S


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