CALB's high capacity lithium battery has been widely applied in the field of and light electric vehicles, such as electric bus, sightseeing bus, hybrid truck, tractor, carried charter, golf cart,ferry vehicle, EV car, electric sanitation truck, electric motorcycle and all kinds of green environmental vehicle.

EV Car
Battery Type: 100Ah
Battery Connection: 100 in series

Mileage per Charge:230KM


Electric Bus
Battery Type: 180Ah
Battery Connection:2 in parallel in series

Mileage per Charge:200KM

EV Motor
Battery Type:40Ah
Battery Connection:16 in series

Model of Motorcycle:Mini Car for 2 passengers

Battery Type: 180Ah

Battery Connection: 90 in series

Mileage per Charge:6km

All-Terrain Vehicle
Battery Type: 40Ah/60Ah
Battery Connection: 24 in series

Mileage per Charge:60KM


Electrical Sanitation Truck
Battery Type: 100Ah
Battery Connection: 100 in series
Load Weight: 3 Tons



Low Speed Vehicle
Battery Type: 40Ah/60Ah
Battery Connection:2 in parallel 60 in series

Model :Mini Car for 2 passengers


Electric golf vehicle.
Battery Type: 100 Ah
Connection: 1P x 15S


Postal transport vehicle
Battery Type: 160 Ah

Battery Connection: 1P x 8S




Electric Sailing Boat and Pleasure Boat
Battery Type: 60 Ah

Battery Connection : 1P x 60S



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